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All Waterproofing and Leaking Showers

All Waterproofing & Leaking Showers (AWALS) is a family owned business. It is the culmination of approximately 80 years of combined generational family experience in all aspects of waterproofing, leaking shower repair, tile repairs and external waterproofing and domestic waterproofing Brisbane.
The family has experience in dealing with different kinds of leaking showers, waterproofing and other related services. The managing director of the company is Peter Gaffney. He has used his knowledge to become expert of the profession. The experience of the family and knowledge has combined to bring the company at such an elevated level. We proudly have been part of over 20,000 projects.

The customers rely on us because of our products. We offer parts with a guarantee of 25 years. Our warranty covers even worst climatic conditions. Our customers are always satisfied as we meet our promises. Taking our service you will see the notable difference as the look of the bathroom will change completely with a “Looking New” feel.

As a locally owned Brisbane business, AWALS proudly supports Australian suppliers and trades and offers premium quality service based on individual project appraisal. This is combined with a 25 year guarantee on leaking showers with a flexible repair approach. The reason our customers choose us is our quality. Our experience is the other reason for our client’s reliability. We have clients who specifically believe in the products that we supply. This is because they do not want to check the quality of the products every time. Whenever they choose us they are sure they will get the best quality. That is our philosophy. We believe in making relationship with clients and not just remain mere suppliers.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.



Our unmatched 25 YEAR GUARANTEE on all leaking shower repair work proves how successful and confident we are on doing the job right from the first time.
Unlike many of our competitors, we are absolutely committed to returning to the shower or bath at any time to service any repairs covered under our warranty.
Go with a company that has proven longevity, knowing that we will be around to service such a warranty even in a tougher economic climate.

We believe that our response to any problem or concern is a direct reflection on our company's standards.

Referrals are available from satisfied customers, Builders, Real Estates, Strata Managers, Educational Institutions & Aged Care Facilities.

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